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From Networked Sensor Data To Decision

Fraunhofer IOSB has long been a partner of choice in networked sensors and image exploitation for security and defense. Its security-related work is concentrated in two business units:

With its approach "Consulting and Technology for Defense", the business unit Defense focuses on and develops feasibility studies and methods based on basic investigations for military research. It evaluates trends and technologies, tests and develops demonstrators and supports industry to produce innovative equipment. National and internal cooperation secures competency, expertise and broad background knowledge of the military and security research landscape.

The business unit Security focuses on the security needs of people, companies and official bodies, which wish to protect against natural and intentionally planned hazards, and comprises a broad range of interlinked competencies that deal with sensor sphere optronic aspects as well as multimodal surveillance robotics (on land, at sea and in the air), the development of ultra-modern analytical methods, the support of interoperable standards for the real-time exchange of information for risk detection and management as well as assistance in the situational analysis and human machine interaction in situation centers.

At Fraunhofer IOSB, special attention is given to bridging technologies in order to optimize economic efficiency and help protect societies against a wide variety of threats. Sample project work includes the ABUL system helping German forces in Afghanistan process and analyze UAV video data, and the SENEKA project bringing together a number of Fraunhofer institutes under IOSB leadership in order to define entirely new ways to manage disasters using sensor networks based on mobile robots.


Project ABUL

Project SENECA